Friday, September 12, 2008

Soccer Practice at Twilight

This week at soccer practice the boys had their yellow soccer jerseys which made it easier to find the team in the sea of U8 boys on the field. Frost very much enjoyed practice and Wren loved playing with Joshua while he was doing his drills and skrimmage. Anyway, here is Frost in his gear and in practice.

Wren likes to join in soccer practice and to roll around on the articial turf until he is covered in little flecks of black rubber (which are used to give it bounce?) We are all covered in this rubbery residue after soccer practice but Wren is the only one who likes it.

In the first picture he has collapsed in the goal for a rest and in the second one he has wandered onto the field eating his dinner-peach. No-one seemed particularly concerned and he wandered off again pretty soon. Josh said he was "just another obstacle".

Near the end of practice I ordered us a Pagliacci pizza (oh gods, rejoice) but we weren't in any hurry to get home because they said they would be 45 minutes. I couldn't stand the thought of waiting for half an hour in close proximity to the fridge so we played on the fake field for a while collecting blackberries and playing "throw-Wren-very-high" and then "Joshua,throw-me-up-like-that-too" [Frost] from which Joshua learned that getting 57lbs airborne is H-A-R-D.

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