Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frost Joins the Hawks (soccer and swimming)

This is the follow-up to an earlier post for Mum (Granny). Last week, by the end of his second session of swimming lessons, Frost was able to tick all the skills on his Beginner 1 Swimming List.

The most impressive skill was "diving". He can now dive head first (almost vertical, like a frog from a log) into 9ft of water. He can also jump from a diving board (not required) and swim to the edge, cross the pool in a semblance of crawl stroke and even do a bit of back stroke in a kind of more-sinking-than-swimming way.

This shows Frost about to dive and the one below is of Frost and his friend Dylan waiting their turn to do back floats.

He was very proud and when the pediatrician asked him what sports he did he said "I don't do any sports." I reminded him of swimming but he announced "that is not a sport, that's fun!" Dr Levitt wondered aloud whether Frost had watched "that American win all those medals for swimming at the Olympics" which led to Frost conceding that swimming could be sport, sometimes.

We had so much fun swimming that we are considering joining Samena Swim Club (even though it is 22 minutes drive from our house off-peak). We figure that if we went even once a week it would be worthwhile to have some swimming on a regular basis. Usually, in winter Frost does not swim for 6 months and then we start again in summer a few steps back.

Of course, swimming may lose its popularity now that Frost has started Soccer. We have registered him for a team in the LVR Region which includes our neighborhood. The team practices on Wednesdays near our house and all the children on the team are from local schools. The first practice was last night and it was reassuring to see that most of them are at a similar level of inexperience.

I met a few parents who were friendly and interesting people so our matches on Saturdays will not be too onerous as long as Joshua is around to chase Wren while he chases the ball. Wren feels he should be involved in practice but can be distracted by a pile of orange cones and a ball of his own.

Frost immediately began playing with a boy called Max who is entering Second Grade at Wedgwood and I hope he feels comfortable with the whole team, soon.

The boys named their team The Hawks, while lead narrowly over "the Bulldogs". I believe the coach told them that "Bulldogs" was overused. You sports followers will know what that means.

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