Saturday, September 20, 2008

Frost has an expander

As if one medical debate wasn't enough for our family, we have one more on the table - Frost's orthodontics.

Frost has begun orthodontic treatment for upper and lower crowding. X-rays show that his upper teeth are coming down crooked due to insufficient space. He also has a complete overbite (as does Joshua!) The debate is that Joshua is not sure that orthodontics are necessary.

He delights in exclaiming that children did not survive before modern orthodontics and that Mark has a friend on the Board of Orthodontics who claims that the treatment of young children with orthodontics is a money making scam to keep orthodontists rich.

Regardless, the advice of our orthodontist prevailed and this week Frost had a palate expander put in which I have to gradually open to stretch his palate out. He is not unusually bothered by it but has just started to complain that it hurts when he bites down and will have to live on applesauce, yoghurt and icecream.

I have paged the orthodontist to see whether I should do anything about this or just let him lose a few pounds. I don't think they said it would be sore when he chews but it may be side effect that will abate soon.

Of course, this discomfit started on the cusp of a weekend. I shall have to get him a Jamba Juice this afternoon.

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