Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feeding Giraffes at the Zoo

On Friday, Wren and I spent our morning at the zoo. As always, it was a very fun visit and Woodland Park Zoo is the one membership I will gladly renew. It has become so popular recently that Wren has started to favor animals over diggers at playtime. He is still excited by any diggers that are moving (he says "digger night-night. Not MOOOving" if we pass a stationary digger) and has been enjoying an excavator working on our street but on a daily basis he interacts far more with his animals.

If I had to pick I'd say Untent [elephant] is his favorite animal to play with. These two pictures are Wren with elephant. Often he wakes up in the morning and goes to find untent and complains if its missing. Giraffe and flamingo [rarf and mingo] are others carried around in style. When we drive near the zoo he calls out "see 'mingos? Now? Mingos night night?"

Giraffe Feeding
On summer mornings at the zoo they have been offering giraffe feedings from a platform by the savannah gate. This means the giraffe are held in a small enclosure by the path and are very visible to onlookers while those who pay get to dangle leaves at them and have a picture up close. On Friday, we paid our $5 and fed the giraffe.

Wren found the giraffes very large and felt "bit scared." He was given some leaves and the brutish giraffe leaned right in to eat them. When Wren cowered away clutching the leaves to his belly the giraffe nuzzled his belly to get them. Giraffe have big teeth and black tongues like a gruffalo and I suspect Wren thought it was going to eat him.

Siamungs and Tigers
We were lucky at the tigers and the Siamungs. The apes were swinging and hollering (Wren is not sure he likes it but as soon as we leave he says "more, more." The tiger came out of his lair and walked around when the lion started roaring in the nearby enclosure. Since lion and tiger do not usually share a habitat, I am sure it was alarming. On both posts you can hear Wren commenting about the animals.

Pounce Joshua
And this one is nothing to do with the zoo except the kids are riding Josh like a horsie on the way to play POUNCE on the bed. I am not sure how long this game can continue but right now both boys want to ride on Josh and be thrown off onto the bed.

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