Friday, August 22, 2008

Wren's Olympics

I am not sure whether Wren has been influenced by gymnastics on TV or he just enjoys the sensation of hanging, but he has been very keen on the high bar the past few days.

It started by him hanging on the handles of the minivan while he waited to get in. After that he started to hang off the kitchen table, the island and to try to hang up on chairs.

Eventually I balanced the broom handle across the kitchen counters and Wren loves to go "on two three GO" and swing on the broom. It really looks like a toddler high bar routine.

Here is a little movie of Wren doing high bar this evening after Joshua arrived home. He says "boy hang, boy hang, BOY" at the end, a few times. You also get to see him touch his nose as he says "1-2-3-GO." We don't know why he does this but he does it every time.

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Jennifer said...

So cute! I can also hear a little bit of an accent, too, like yours. I love that! He looks and sounds great. Thanks for sharing.