Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to School Picnic

While I am catching up on last week, here are some pictures from Tuesday night's Back to School picnic. It was held near Greenlake at a group picnic shelter and we were lucky that the rain held off until the closing drumming & guitar circle.

Wren was very excited by the music and stood inside the circle where he was able to watch the guitarist. It seems obvious to me that children are going to learn what we, as parents, DO rather than speak about or urge but it is still impressive to see Wren so certain that a Guitar is relevant to him because he has seen and enjoyed Joshua playing one. He says "TAR, TAR" and points it out to me. He also enjoys the "hey diddle diddle" nursery rhyme because the cat has a 'tar' too. I guess this means I have to start speaking Mandarin and playing an instrument if I am to encourage this behavior [add this to my self-development shopping list.]

Joshua and Wren. Josh spent much of his time chasing and entertaining Wren so I had a chance to meet the new and returning families and friends.

Frost helped clean up the toys at the end and spent a while arranging the hoops and cones into a "peace sign" of which he was very proud.

This morning, Frost rode his bicycle to and from the playground and around the block while Wren and I followed in the stroller. He also climbed the entire length and height of the new playground climbing wall.

He said "isn't it amazing that this day I am doing so many risky and dangerous things! Like I climbed up that climbing wall when I could have fallen and broken my leg or something and I rode my bicycle down a steep hill. But in the end it was really FUN."

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