Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick Update - Wren is sick

Wren has come down with a stomach flu. He threw up every 15 minutes or so from 6-8am and then frequently after that until a nap (and a bit during nap). He finally rested for a few hours and felt better but pediatlyte was not enough. After noon he snuck into the garden and ate raspberries. I stopped him but it was too late. A bit later there was more throwing up of raspberries and he tells me his tummy is sore. He cries. He talks about "vom vom".

It is very sad.

I just nursed him to sleep but he has woken again. He sleeps fitfully and is obviously in tummy pain.

Of course, I only hope he gets over this in time for his cath... the hope is there because Frost had a brief episode last week and was fine later in the day. But neither have had a fever.


Izabell said...

i am sorry Wren is sick and hope he is feeling better quickly! Frosts party looked and sounded wonderful! you guys are so creative!

Shannon said...

Thanks Wyndi. I am going to follow-up on your suggestions about Child Life today. I had not realized he would be awake / aware in recovery.

Izabell said...

i ma not sure how awake or aware he will be in recovery but i think they stay there until they wake up some Izzy always did a bit better with childlife in recovery and I felt a little better knowing someone was in there just to focus on her happiness while the doctors and nurses are busy focusing on her health..:)