Saturday, July 26, 2008

At least we scored a free sheep

During admission to the hospital patients are allowed to choose a stuffed animal and Wren chose a sheep. When we were told that the surgery could not proceed, yet, Joshua said:

"Well, if it is canceled Wren scored a free sheep!"

I think this shows that Joshua has taken the postponement of surgery much better than I have. He considers it an inconvenience but not a major one. I counter that this is because I handle the greater part of preparation, scheduling and support so the decision weighs on me more than him. The truth is that he is just less inclined to worry than I am. The main problem with rescheduling is that I will have to go through all the sleepless anxiety over again.

Here is Wren with the Free Sheep (I wanted him to choose the bunny so I shall take the bunny next time).

Here Wren and Josh watch the TV on the ceiling. Wren alternated between changing channels and pressing the Emergency Page button.

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