Sunday, August 19, 2007

Birthday Party by the lake

Today we all went to one of Frost's school friends's birthday party. They have a cabin by a lake in Snohomish county. The water was warm and pleasant for swimming and Frost had a wonderful day swimming in the lake without a lifejacket, jumping off the jetty, climbing up onto a large inflatable lake trampoline and playing extended bouts of super squirter combat. He has a nasty graze on his knee from falling while running at the park yesterday but it didn't hurt him or slow him down until he returned to the car. Then he started groaning.

He said it was the best birthday party ever.

Wren also had a fine time crawling around on the large grassy lawn by the lake. He tried to eat hemlock cones and cracker jacks (caramel coated popcorn) but was denied. Instead he had avocado. He napped much of the drive home but revived to eat "dinner" when we arrived. He had some of the frozen sweet potato granny made him with some frozen spinach. He ate two cubes of food (frozen in an ice cube tray) and could have had more.

Josh and I also enjoyed ourselves. I had a margarita and a swim in the lake. Joshua had lots of time looking after Wren. He and Frost have just about finished watching the latest Pirates of the Carribean from netflix. I think Frost was too exhausted to do anything else and while he is enjoying it he keeps saying "wow, this movie is long".

I hope Wren sleeps well tonight.

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