Monday, May 28, 2007

Folklife and high chairs

This weekend is the annual Seattle Folklife festival. Frost performed on Friday with his school (although he spent a lot of time yawning and gazing around rather than singing). He enjoyed playing in the international fountain afterwards, eating cotton candy and wrestling with his friends. Here is Wren appreciating the sun and spectacle (as well as having Daddy along for lunch).

I have been enjoying Craigslist a lot more recently since Josh showed me how to capture an RSS feed and add it to my blog feed reader. So now Bloglines gives me all the results of my searches for things like "stroller -double" and "high chair". I think I mentioned that I bought a high chair - it was from a family in Greenlake who are also South AFrican expats (Capetonians). They run their own tech company creating software for telecommuting. The house was airy and full of bright things that reminded me strongly of the South African aesthetic. I would be happy with a veranda and a lawn surrounded by big shrubs and nooks. I think kids need nooks.

Here is Wren in his latest not-so-nooky place, a red leather high chair. It can recline and rock and ... well, thats it. I like it a lot and he enjoys sucking his spoon.

Sleep training proceeded well today. Most naps were uneventful with less than 5 minutes of crying. Betime was 10 minutes (down from 27 minutes yesterday). I didn't even have to do the first check because he was quiet so soon. THe major difficulty is still the nap schedule which has only 3 naps. Because Wren wakes earlier than expected (not 11 hours at night, more like 10) he really needs another nap in there but that then takes him too close to bedtime, in theory. I actually caved and nursed him after his last nap of the day so he took another one right away and was much better after that. It actually improved his bedtime too. Being overtired is no fun.

As a reward for all the activity this weekend (the dump run on Saturday in which we hauled all the construction debris to the tip) and the sleepless training today.. we had chicken teriyaki for dinner and all was eaten and enjoyed.

Now, Frost and Wren are both asleep at 8.30pm. This is a big improvement from both fighting sleep at 9.30 in past weeks.


Wyndi said...

sounds like you have had a busy weekend!the pictures of wren are great! he looks good in the chair sounds like a good one too! I wanted to go the the festival maybe tomorrow we are supposed to go to a potluck but only if the weather is good so I am hoping for sunshine.

Anonymous said...

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