Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sleep training / night weaning

Tonight is the first night of Wren going to sleep without nursing or rocking. He is doing okay but we shall see how things develop as the night goes on.

I've been charting Wren's nights lately and after realizing he was nursing more at night than in the day (7 times last night) and its not improving I decided to try a dramatic change. I am using the approach outlined in the Sleepeasy Solution - a repackaging of the old controlled crying theory. Its a bit softer in giving the baby a lot of "support" but ultimately they cry.

First, at bedtime, he cried for 25 minutes on and off. He also stuck his legs through the bars of the crib but didn't seem stuck there. What do you do about that?

At first waking he cried for 7 minutes but woke again within 10 minutes and cried for 5 minutes. Now he is sleeping again but according to the book/weaning schedule I should wake and feed him now since he is so accustomed to eating at night, then set him down again.

He is getting nursed at 10pm, 1am and 4am but for decreasing periods each night.

It sounds good. I shall give you the details tomorrow.

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Wyndi said...

I am glad you got 3 hour and hope todday feels better because of it, too bad it is raining today!! Izzy is still asleep and it is 940am!!! I am going to pour a cup of coffee and wake her up. She feel asleep in the car last night at 830 and woke when we got home so she was up late and now sleeping in late I think I will skip one of her naps today to try and get her back on the 9 pm bedtime. I am groggy to I listen for her breathing while I sleep and her daddy snores so it is a battle in our room:) I hope that wren dose start to sleep better for you soon!