Thursday, February 15, 2007

No reason to be tired

I went to my Listening Mothers meeting this morning. It was a good one in which we discussed "falling out of love with your baby". There's this theory that the primary caregiver of children has to be the container for the baby or child's emotion/behaviour and problems occur when the mother instead reflects back or amplifies the emotional excess. I don't know about this theory but I have certainly felt a bit of amplifying going on when Wren won't sleep and gets more and more cranky and un-put-down-able.

Anyway, last night he slept okay again (slept from 9pm-12.30pm then again till 4am-6am and another hour till 7.30am. However, I wasn't feeling well so I was up a few times while he slept and feel rather run down today. Oh, yeah - its Valentines Day!

Frost had cupcakes for breakfast and took his bag of valentines off to school. He was very excited and wrote me a note saying I LUV YOU MOM. Wren's valentine was smelling so good. The top of his head feels like the skin of a very small labrador puppy - loose, soft and warm.

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Tamsyn said...

hey Shan - Happy Valentine's Day. Last year, Luca was the only kid in his preschool class who didn't show up with valentines for everyone else. I wasn't aware of the practice (and ignored my mother-in-law's subtle questions like "is Luki going to give anything to his friends for Valentine's day?"). Today school was cancelled because of a sleezzard (sleet blizzard, Simone's coinage), so I was somewhat let off the hook, since I'd forgotten once again.

Garrett, already in Geneva, was taken out for a splendid dinner (special valentines menu) by a couple of colleagues. Hrrumph.

Glad to see that your and Wren's sleep is improving. I need to stop staying up past midnight to read your blog ;-) ... I'm desperately in need of a good night's sleep myself.

I love the photos and video.