Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Another good night / pet sorrows

Wren slept well again last night. He fell asleep on Josh's chest around 8.30pm (nicely timed for me to do Frost's bedtime) and we transferred him to bed about 9.30pm. He woke at 12.30 and nursed and then again at 2.30am and then at 5.30am. From then on it was a bit grunty but still I love the longer stretches. They bode well and I got up at 6.45 without any resentment.

He has also shown no ill effects from the vaccines other than being very sleepy and fussy yesterday afternoon.

I miss the rats. I keep feeling bad when I throw away leftovers that I would have given them. Also, I think I smell them but of course I don't. Josh has started to talk about a lizard, a water-dragon or a ferret. I am thinking of a hermit crab. I want something short-lived and hardy since the rest of the family tend to shirk pet-care duty after the novelty has worn off. Actually, how long do hermit crabs live?

Googling quickly:
Hermit crabs potentially may live 10-30 years with proper care. Success at keeping your pet hermit crab for the length of its lifespan rests solely on your ability and responsibility to provide it with the proper care it needs.

Okay, so we won't have hermit crabs. I recall reading about some insects that have short and interesting lives and never need to eat - rising only to breed and pass on. That may be all we are capable of right now.

Frost says that we should go to church and "talk to the rats as if they are a Newspaper God and a Squeaks God." He added, "only joking". He also said we dont' need a pet because Wren is "so kyoot."


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Things just sound as though they are going better at the moment! You must be thrilled with Fostling too...
love D

Shannon said...

I am feeling happy today. Wren seemed like a normal baby - more alert, awake and yet not fussy and Frost and I had only one fight (a record thesedays).

Izabell said...

maybe a fish? lol, I hope you and wren had another good nights rest:)