Sunday, January 14, 2007


I have become one of those new mother's who wants to talk only about how little sleep she is getting. I can't resist recounting in excruciating detail how he slept for one hour then woke for 20 minutes then slept another hour (to 2am) and then woke-slept fitfully for....

See, here I go again. I can't get an accurate count of how little sleep I am getting but the long nap this afternoon went a long way to helping reset the balance in my favor. Wren slept on the bed next to me and that worked well for both of us.

Now its another night and he is again resisting sleep or sleeping like you would if you were 30 feet up a tree without anything strapping you on.

Frost was a real darling this evening. His cough is worse (from a cough-cold 2 weeks ago) and I made him cough tea, some oil rub and a hot water bottle. He was so pathetically grateful for all this attention that he made these observations:

Mummy, I just want to say that I really appreciate you giving birth to Wren.

[After I replenished his cough tea on request] Mummy, I was thinking "why are you getting all these things for me?" and then I thought its because they are good things and I asked nicely!

[On various occasions] Aren't you glad you have a baby now after the other ones died?

[Earlier, after I denied desert] I hate everyone in this house except Wren.

[After a test cook in which he made rock hard muffins] I think Wren is so cyoot I just want to look at him all the time. I just want to touch him.


Izabell said...

frost sounds like the sweetest little guy! you are doing a great job with both of them. I hope Frost feels better soon!

Dana said...

I am very happy to hear things are going well... Please call me if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

Still loving this blog. He looks like a happy little guy.
Love D

Shannon said...

Thanks Wyndi, Dana and David

I had a bit more sleep yesterday and feel absolutely fabulous by comparison. Of course nothing is ever easy and Frost and I had a day at loggerheads in which I was called Stupid Mother and The Meanest Mother in the World numerous times. Argh. I need to return to Parenting 101 and/or he needs a playdate. When is school when you need it?