Friday, January 12, 2007


The thing I am finding hard thesedays is knowing what behaviour may be due to Wren's heart defect and what is normal baby stuff. Josh says I am looking for something to worry about but its a hard habit to kick.

Last night Wren woke hourly from 3am onwards. I am not a great slave to Dr Sears but according to the learned pediatrician babies this age usually wake 2 to 3 times a night. Uh huh? Wren is waking at least 6 times between 10pm and 7am. He doesn't always wake fully - sometimes he is just grunting and groaning intermittently (like every 5 minutes for an hour). Nonetheless I can't sleep through it.

So, last night I worried that he couldn't poop because his bowel wasn't working. This was an early concern when he had the coarc because apparently the blood supply to the bowel can be compromised. Of course, this morning he has had plenty of "wet and soiled" diapers and seems happy so its probably another of my anxieties.

Add it to - are his hands and feet cool due to poor perfusion or normal infant circulation? Is he spitting up because of a dairy allergy or reflux that is more common in cardiac babies? Does he turn red when he cries because of hypertension? Argh.


Izabell said...

if you are worried call and talk with the nurses at the cardiology clinic they are very helpful:) I hope you get some sleep tonight:)

Izabell said...

and don't let anyone call you paranoid, your his mom you know him best:) i love all the pictures of him and the family! he is so cute! (as is frost!)