Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting out

This morning I reheated the dregs of yesterday's decaf coffee and the soy milk had bottom-of-the-carton curds. I think this is a sign I need to try going grocery shopping with Wren. We are also out of OJ (apparently necessary since I drank half of Laurie's and we also need lunch snacks for Frost if they ever get back to school after this snow.

Wren had a very good day yesterday. He was far less fussy when not nursing - slept a lot in the early part of the day and then had a very long wakeful and alert period in the evening during which we took some family photos on the bed. I shall post later.

Sleep last night was also better. He slept 2 hours and then in 90 minute increments which is far better than hourly. I felt quite refreshed when I woke this morning in time for a very "slow start".

I also had a dream about KapKa in which I had forgotten something very important involving a birthday cake and was feeling guilty. I think I need to get going again in general.

Oh, and we have joined a group called Listening Mothers which is an infant-mother support group. I have no idea whether it will be good but it sounded interesting and I would like to meet some other baby-families in our area.


smithlings said...

That is wonderful for you! Listening Mothers is a great group to be part of and I hear they have a very intelligent and sensitive philosophy to help nurture new families.

I read your previous couple of posts and it sounds like pretty normal sleep/nursing behavior for a growing boy! He's at the right age for a growth spurt/developmental advancement. Get your hands on Happiest Baby on the Block if you want some new tips for settling him at night (it is a wonderful book full of great ideas that WORK)

Keep your chin up! It will get easier! Hopefully soon you can get 3 hour stretches instead of 90 minutes!


Shannon said...

Thanks Sarah
So you've heard of Listening Mothers? They just came up in a web search when I was wondering if there was anything other than PEPS (which was less than peppy for me). It sounds good and the moderator was very friendly and super-efficient (they had me registered within a day).