Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An A+ Result

At 10.45 we were told Wren was out of the cath lab and we could come down to the surgery center to meet the doctor. After an anxious half hour waiting for Dr Jones we were told the procedure was a complete success.

The initial examination showed that there was a pressure gradient of 56 across the aortic valve and of 21 across the aorta. The area of surgical repair was open but there was a shelf adjacent to the repair - another "coarctation" causing turbulence. They then performed a balloon dilation on both areas and they were both "very responsive". The valve improved to a gradient of 10 and the arch a similar amount.

The total pressure gradient from the valve to the descending aorta was 77 before the procedure and 18 afterwards. It was "an A+ result". There was no leakage at the valve now. Dr Jones felt that this should set Wren on "a better path". I didn't ask what the worse path was but I am sure it was dark and scary. The better path involves less muscle/more flexibility in the Left ventricle. He hypothesized that Wrens labor in breathing and fast breathing were due to some backup of pressure to the lungs and said this might not recover immediately but should put him in a good position to improve as "he gets used to his new plumbing."

I am now A+ happy and A+ exhausted.

Wren is extubated and in recovery. They are bringing him back to his room in about half an hour. If he looks good overnight he will be released tomorrow. We are not sure how long this treatment will last but Dr Jones said it could be many years. Josh immediately noticed that this means it could not be many years but I am feeling too pleased to contemplate the reverse implications right now.

I must remember to ask Dr Lewin what the aortic valve measured before and after (Dr Jones said it was on the small side but improved a lot).

Thanks again for keeping up on us and I will post more when we see Wren.


Tamsyn said...

Fantastic! Looks like Wren has your A+ genes. Hope you can get some sleep now. love, Tam

trevor said...

I am so glad everything went well! Hope you'll be home in your own beds tomorrow.

Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Anonymous said...

we are so happy!! yeah!!! Dr jones rocks! Go Wren!! I hope your geteting a nap in while he is sleepy:)
wyndi and izzy

Shannon said...

Thanks for all the support! I am very relieved it went well... actually better than I even hoped. Now a bit of sleep and I will be both sane and happy.