Friday, December 29, 2006

Another day down

Wren lost weight again today. He was down from 4.070 to 4.040ish (so about -30g). The nice nurse said he could still be losing fluid and so its not necessarily bad. I don't know.. but I feel discouraged.

Last night he received 3 GI tube feeds of 100g each and this morning he would only nurse 70g each time. Perhaps he wasn't as hungry now he is getting more overnight but I really hoped for a little gain.

He is also breathing a bit more noisily today, having minor retractions and tired of nursing soon none of which are good signs. Still, it was barely noticable to anyone else so I have asked the nurse to watch the quality of his breathing closely.

His vitals have been stable for so long that he is now off the monitors during the day.

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